God’s Word : God’s Glory

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2 Corinthians 3.6-8

“6 He has made us competent as ministers of a new covenant—not of the letter but of the Spirit; for the letter kills, but the Spirit gives life. Now if the ministry that brought death, which was engraved in letters on stone, came with glory, so that the Israelites could not look steadily at the face of Moses because of its glory, transitory though it was, will not the ministry of the Spirit be even more glorious?”

God’s word comes with glory that can be physically seen. What He wrote is powerful, what He is speaking is giving life.

50 Days of Righteousness in the Book of Matthew

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Examining the book of Matthew, seeing how Jesus and his followers stood for what was right, and how they stood by God’s side.

Take each day, read the scripture verse, think about it, pray about it, then read the simple devotional. See what the Lord reveals to you.

Day 1: Matthew 1.19 Joseph’s unwillingness to disgrace a woman who had apparently cheated on him was attributed as righteousness.

Day 2: Matthew 1.19-25 Joseph’s response here is amazing. True righteousness considers others, but above all, listens to the Holy Spirit.

Day 3: Matthew 3.13-15 John did not expect that baptizing Jesus would be what was right at the time. Never-the-less, he listened.

Day 4: Matthew 3.13-17 Righteousness releases opportunity for everyone around you to hear the voice of God.

Day 5: Matthew 4.1-11 Jesus’ 40 days in the desert proves that right standing with God (righteousness) is found in following the voice of God.

Day 6: Matthew 5.6 May we know the blessing of a hunger for righteousness.

Day 7: Matthew 5.10 Stand for Heaven, stand for righteousness.

Day 8: Matthew 5.10 May we have the courage to stand for Heaven no matter what the cost.

Day 9: Matthew 5.20 If your righteousness is derived of your own effort, Heaven is no place for you. Remember, Jesus is the Way, Truth, and Life.

Day 10: Matthew 5.21-26 Jesus introduces the new righteousness; restore relationships.

Day 11: Matthew 5.43-48 Rain or shine, the righteous are proven in their response.

Day 12: Matthew 5.43-48 To love those who hate you. This is the mark of a true heir of Heaven.

Day 13: Matthew 6.1 It seems the manner in which we do right is as important as doing the right thing. Seek first His kingdom

Day 14: Matthew 6.33 There is “His righteousness” and then there is “your righteousness.” Seek His first, and it will be made your own.

Day 15: Matthew 7.21-23 Again, what is right in God’s eyes is not always what we expect. Seek first His kingdom and His righteousness.

Day 16: Matthew 9.13 Either we join Jesus in reaching out to the lost (compassion), or we are the lost. Anything else neglects need of Jesus.

Day 17: Matthew 9.13 As we learn of the Father, may compassion be our study, healing the sick our practice and reaching the lost our purpose.

Day 18: Matthew 10.41 Whether a child, or a prophet, honour is always right, and is not without reward.

Day 19: Matthew 11.25-30 Jesus invites us into the way that is “well-pleasing” to our Father.

Day 20: Matthew 11.25-30 We can compare wisdom to find our worth, or we can stand next to Jesus who gives us worth; true righteousness.

Day 21: Matthew 12.6-8 Jesus is the source of true rest. Rest in Him and find your right place.

Day 22: Matthew 12.9-13 Doing what is right will not break your rest. It allows the power of God to restore what is “withered.”

Day 23: Matthew 13.43 What’s right and wrong is not always easy to tell apart. Know the Father and eventually you shine.

Day 24: Matthew 13.45-46 Let’s help others see this “pearl of great value” in their lives before we are separated. True righteousness.

Day 25: Matthew 13.49 The wicked will be separated from the righteous. But until then, treasure may be discovered in every life we encounter.

Day 26: Matthew 18.33-35 Forgiveness keeps us close to God.

Day 27: Matthew 19.3-9 The Pharisees always tested Jesus on what was lawful, Jesus always responded with what was right.

Day 28: Matthew 20.26-27 Right authority cannot be held above someone’s head, but will be used at their feet, lifting them up and supporting them.

Day 29: Matthew 21.12-16 The transition of the temple; a collision between different ideas of righteousness.

Day 30: Matthew 21.12-16 Right indignation focuses on the abuse, and stirs compassion for the abused.

Day 31: Matthew 21.28-32 The Pharisees’ own righteousness distracted them from seeing Heaven right in front of them. Sinners saw and believed.

Day 32: Matthew 22.4-5 We are invited, even in the middle of our working lives, to feast with the Lord. Our right response is to be with Him.

Day 33: Matthew 22.11-13 Feast with God, dressed in the right spirit that belongs in Heaven. Certain attitudes won’t survive in His presence.

Day 34: Matthew 22.15-22 Jesus knew what the real issue was. Righteousness always points back the Father.

Day 35: Matthew 22.37-40 All that God calls right relates back to loving Him and loving people.

Day 36: Matthew 23.2-12 Sit with Jesus. Righteousness can be found nowhere else.

Day 37: Matthew 23.21-22 We are made “temples” because of the one who dwells in us. We are made righteous because God has chosen us.

Day 38: Matthew 23.23 Justice, mercy, and faithfulness; priorities of all that is right.

Day 39: Matthew 23.25-26 God fixes us from the inside out. Righteousness is again, a matter of the heart.

Day 40: Matthew 23.28 Pharisees were self-focused. Jesus wasn’t. Clean innards come with mercy and compassion; traits of our Father’s heart.

Day 41: Matthew 23.29 Righteousness is remembered well after it’s time, even though in it’s time it was threatened.

Day 42: Matthew 23.34-35 The righteous are obedient to the invitation of God in their lives. We are right as we respond instead of resist.

Day 43: Matthew 24.12-13 No matter what everyone else is doing, choose love. Stand for what is right. You won’t be the only one.

Day 44: Matthew 25.1-13 May we have the prudence to keep the passion in our hearts fuelled. May we be found ready.

Day 45: Matthew 25.14-29 The servants were right to take the risk of trading with their master’s money. Life is a risky gift to be multiplied.

Day 46: Matthew 25.34-40 God is with the hungry, the sick, the stranger and the criminal. Let’s go stand with Him.

Day 47: Matthew 26.6-13 Jesus called the woman’s worship beautiful while others called it wasteful.

Day 48: Matthew 26.52-54 Even with all authority and ability, Jesus chose his Father’s desire.

Day 49: Matthew 26.63-64 Amidst the accusation, Jesus knew where he stood with God. Righteousness is stability.

Day 50: Matthew 28.20 “I am with you always, even to the end…” Jesus is here, always. Righteousness is found in turning to him. Keep it simple.

Tales of Intercession Pt. 10 – Breakthrough

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Breakthrough is a beautiful thing. It comes in many ways. The most recognizable is when it’s been hard to stay focused, but I push on and then there is calm. No racing thoughts, no restlessness. Just peace and a quality sense of the presence of the Lord. That’s not the end though. From there I just listen. Although the mind will try to analyze what I’m feeling and strive to discern what to do next, those thoughts are easy to ditched now. In that moment of breakthrough, it is just the Father and I. Staying there is top priority. As certain issues or thoughts touch my heart, I pray into them. Praying from that place of presence is powerful, if only for the personal encounter with the Lord. Only God knows the supernatural impact of prayer, whether it be in breakthrough, or in the storm.


Well, that’s all for now.